goff's page is silly

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 22 22:42:37 MDT 2003

>>See my correction -- you are reading an old website
set up by a now defunct organization -- wait until
Friday (provided no glitch will occur).  Also, when
you read the new website later, please keep in
your mind that Stan's working with diverse groups of
people who are military families, veterans, service
members, etc. and seeking to appeal to groups of
people whose current world views are even more
heterogeneous than those of the groups with whom he's

Then why the homogeneous 'America is special' ideology
here? Why the basic problems in the reasoning? Is the
thinking: These people can't be appealed to using
reason, so we should use dishonesty about what we
think and what we think should be done?

Are you going to explain to them that bringing the
troops home really should be the start of a
dismantling of the US military and a reconstruction of
the federal government so all Americans can have
things like national health care? Some who are so
brave might even call it SOCIALISM!

C. Jannuzi



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