As Iraqi resistance mounts, US troops demand, `Bring us home!' - Green Left Weekly #546 July 23, 2003

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Green Left Weekly, Australia's socialist newspaper
Issue #546 July 23, 2003

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
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Featured this week: As Iraqi resistance mounts: US troops demand, "Bring
us home!"

The Bush administration is facing a deepening political crisis as public
support for the invasion of Iraq falls, fuelled by the mounting death
toll of US soldiers and the unravelling of the White House's pre-war
lies about Iraq's possession of "weapons of mass destruction". As the
Iraqi people's resistance escalates, US troops and their families are
demanding, "Bring us home!".

* IRAQ: As guerrilla war grows, troops want out

* Coca-Cola kills!
* Former CIA agent tells: How US infiltrates `civil society' to
overthrow governments

* SOUTH AFRICA: Activists condemn Bush's imperial agenda
* ANC `sides with US imperialism'
* LIBERIA: US intervention no solution to crisis &&
* NIGERIA: Unions compromise, end general strike
* SOUTH AFRICA: ANC seeks to impose `consensus' on workers, poor
* VENEZUELA: Workers seize Pepsi plant
* EAST TIMOR: Australian companies are `worst employers'
* PHILIPPINES: Left wins seats in Congress
* CANADA: Health cuts aggravated SARS
* UNITED STATES: Expert: `Depleted uranium use is a war crime'
* UNITED STATES: `End the occupation, bring the troops home'
* HONG KONG: Protests force government retreat
* CANADA: Montreal cops evict squatters
* WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION: Services rules expansion threatens national
* CUBA: Criminals attempt to hijack fishing boat
* CUBA: Aleida Guevara - The left should not abandon `its core principles'

* Monbiot's new world order
* Move to split Sydney anti-war coalition
* Arms production and capitalism
* No blockade of North Korea!
* Vietnamese refugees banished to Christmas Island
* A woman's place is in the struggle: Death in Juarez
* Hicks faces show trial
* Australia rides into the Solomons

* Organised employer response to pattern agreement
* Socialist Alliance activist elected as labour council official
* ACI workers confront management
* Martin Bright workers strike
* Police attempt to ban dissent
* NT's major rivers under threat
* Ruddock considers deporting year 11 student
* Tent embassy under further attack
* Killer Coke campaign launched
* Young people plan resistance
* Win for strikers in Burrup dispute
* Students picket Sydney University Senate
* Election victory for postal union militants
* Styx march boosts movement

* Ralph Miliband: accurate diagnosis, faulty prescription
* Belafonte, people's artists scorch lying US regime
* Censorship: `Let us choose the good from the bad!'

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