goff's page is silly

dms dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 23 08:22:14 MDT 2003

You're not supposed to get past the rhetoric.  There is nothng to get to
past the rhetoric.

The rhetoric obscures the real forces behind the war, thus giving additional
life and promise to the next war being a good war.

Bring them home now?  From where, how about the 120 countries that have US
military presence?

How about "Disband the Army"?  I think, dated is at is, it's a bit more
appropriate that Goff's slogans.

Hey, how about a golden oldie?  FTA, Fuck the Army.  Exactly where in
bringthemhomenow do we find something distinct from and opposed to a kinder,
gentler, imperialism?

Yeah, a choice of cancer or po-li-o.  Jagger/Richards 1968.


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