FW: Call for a United Fall Antiwar Action by Bay Area United Against War

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Subject: Call for a United Fall Antiwar Action by Bay Area United
Against War

Bay Area United Against War supports the call for 
a united date for antiwar action in this fall

An open letter to UFP&J, Northeast Ohio Antiwar Coalition, A.N.S.W.E.R.,
Without War, US Labor Against War, Not In Our Name, National Student and
Peace Coalition and all other antiwar organizations.

To effectively counter U.S. military aggression around the world we must

organize our movement based on unity, solidarity and democracy. Our goal
must be 
to get as many people as possible in the streets on one date to call for
an end 
to occupation, to bring the troops home now! We need to again mobilize
of people in the streets to show that the people of the world still say
NO to 

The war continues in Iraq as more Iraqis and American troops are killed.
U.S. military "victory" is being exposed for what it really is — a
military occupation. The people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine are
suffering under U.S.—or U.S.-financed— occupation. The purpose of U.S.
policy of 
war and occupation is to protect corporate interests. 

Our tax dollars are being robbed from our needs for schools, housing, 
healthcare, and a clean environment, to pay for U.S. military build-up
in over one 
hundred countries around the world. 

Armed with the most powerful weapons of mass destruction, the U.S.
is attacking us at home, too. Thousands have been rounded up and
deported or 
held without rights or representation in the name of "Homeland
Congress is poised to further attack our civil liberties with Patriot
Act II—which 
gives the government and police even more power to dispense with our

We support all the ongoing antiwar actions and organization including
international Sept. 27th demonstrations, the A.N.S.W.E.R.-initiated
Sept. 28th 
actions, and the USLAW conference scheduled for October 25th. But we
think that 
there is an urgent need to mobilize all antiwar people on a single date,
Oct. 25th seems to be the date that already has momentum (with
call and willingness to unite with others on that date).

We need to include all organizations and individuals—national, local and

international—who want to organize around this date, in the planning and

democratic decision-making process. We need to expand our leadership
committees to 
include as many representatives from as many groups or geographic areas
possible. We must include grass roots local groups from all over the
country into one 
democratic, organizing campaign around one unified date of action
the world.  

End the occupation!  Bring the troops home now!  U.S. out of the Middle
Defend civil liberties and human rights! Fund human needs, not
occupation, of 
Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine! 

Bay Area United Against War
(Statement approved at July 22, 2003 meeting)

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