Yellow Cake

Roger A. Baker rabaker at
Wed Jul 23 06:08:50 MDT 2003

Chris wrote:

<<The convoluted controversy over whether or not Saddam Hussein tried to buy
uranium "yellowcake" ore from Niger last year and whether or not George W.
Bush should have mentioned this alleged attempted transaction in his State
of the Union address last January is a classic case of fretting about a
molehill when a mountainous volcano is erupting right behind you.>>

 Niehls Bohr, in 1944, pleaded with FDR not to make the bomb, because it
would turn the US into and atomic  bomb factory- with vast areas radioactive
contamination-- and he was right.  There are widespread areas of
contamination in Oak Ridge, S. Carolina, Washington and Oregon from
plutonium and uranium enrichment factories (with the predictable increase in
cancer rates)  The enrichment plants are huge and require gargantuan amounts
of energy and resources.
    A similar plant in Iraq would be large and easily detectable by air
surveillance or local intelligence.
Yellow cake does not a bomb make.

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