Troops out now!

Richard Harris rhh1 at
Wed Jul 23 06:38:02 MDT 2003

dms said:

>  Exactly where in
> bringthemhomenow do we find something distinct from and opposed to a
> gentler, imperialism?
Leading socialists (us!) have to do better than follow slogans advanced by
US forces families.  There are many people in this world, disgusted by the
invasion of Iraq, open to see the direct connection between imperialist
politics and capitalism.  Who is going to flip the shutters and let some
light in, if not us?

Troops out now! is already a slogan of struggle against military occupation.
It says you are against the state's military force.  It says don't use
armies ~ abolish the army is the subtext.  It is a demand upon the state,
not a request.  That's why some people seem to shy from using it.  It's
socialist!  And socialism is unpopular in some places in the US (you have my
sympathy if you are stuck with campaigning in the parts of Texas I've been
to.)  But the audience for the slogans you deploy are not just the people on
you block or in your city.  The world watches the anti-war movements in the
US and the UK.  The world working class is the force we are part of.  They
too hear your slogans.

You just can't go with slogans that could be mouthed by Pat Buchanan:

bringthemhomenow is a position within the politics of the ruling class.

Canterbury, Kent.

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