Stan Goff's real page

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Wed Jul 23 06:45:37 MDT 2003

This bout of Stan Goff bashing tells me more about our silly sectarians
on Marxmail than anything else, and it doesn't tell us a damn thing
about Goff.

The *real* web site of the group that Stan has been helping to form is
Military Families Speak Out, at

Some of his own writings are on the web site of the Freedom Road
Socialist Organization,

What Yoshie has reported, which coincides with my understanding, is that
the broadened movement coming together WILL have a home page at The material on that page NOW doesn't come
from the group. Presumably the folks who have had that domain are ceding
it to the broadened movement. And indeed, current whois information for
the domain shows it was just registered by MFSO just a few days ago, on
July 16. Reading the content of the web site shows it is pre-Iraq war,
i.e., could not possibly be what those who registered the name a week
ago put up.

Who were the previous owners? Can't tell from whois, but if you hit
contact on the current site you get this address:
bringthemhomenow at If you look at links like mission, pdf
downloads, and others, you'll see they go to pages at
And if you go to the home page, you'll see it is the web
site of one "ANDREW BOYD" (WANDER BODY is what you get when you scramble
the letters in his name around).

His interests revolve around  "culture jamming." The most prominent
thing on the page is a link to something called "PO MO TO GO." Wander
around that page for a while and you'll come to a link "who" and if you
follow that, there you'll find Boyd's bio:

"Here's a bio I have used in professional settings when I'm feeling
dangerously casual:

"During the usual futile attempt to explain what I do at loud parties to
strangers with normal jobs, the conversation will go something like
this: 'I used to be a symbolic troublemaker with health benefits.'
Skeptical eyebrow movement. 'Oh, but now I'm self-employed as a
conceptual prankster.' Looks down at glass, wonders if this would be
good moment to get refill. 'Well, actually, I write odd--very
odd--books: philosophical humor mostly, it's kind of a new genre, you
know.' Stirs ice cube with finger. 'OK, I'm a writer. B-u-u-u-t I'm also
a cultural activist, political organizer, performance artist, and street
theater producer. Though sometimes I wish I was an investment
banker--for situations like this, mostly.'"

So, folks, much as it may thrill you to attack Goff and his friends for
the flags-and-yellow-ribbons motif on that page right now, it just won't

The more interesting thing is why the barest beginnings of some motion
among rank-and-file soldiers immediately brings up a cry to string up
anyone who does not stick to direct quotations from State and


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