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Wed Jul 23 07:02:47 MDT 2003

Well, I agree that the lies are a useful lever against the imperialist
greedheads. From other correspondence I think Tim would too.

Nonetheless, I tend to agree with him that there is little point
obssessing over WMD in the way that the liberal media generally
is. They are mostly following the line that the war will suddenly
be justified IF weapons of mass destruction are found. The
argument that the failure to find them undermines the governments
that supported the war misses the point that the presence or
otherwise of WMD has no validity in justify the war.


Subject: re: Subject: Judith Miller still at it

Paul's friend Tim wrote:

>Once again, everyone is "caring" about the wrong issue.

>Whether "WMD" exist in Iraq or not is not relevant.


Now with that assumption (and probably even without it), why are WMD
important? They are important because they offer us a chance once again to
expose the utter mendacity of the ruling class and their drive for profit
and world domination. They also offer the chance to expose the press as part
and parcel of  that ruling class (whatever role they are being forced to
play now in helping to expose, however slowly and incompletely, the lies).
In all of this, they help us to open the eyes of the working people of the
world to the nature of their enemy.

Will impeaching Bush, or rallying the public on this issue with the result
that they throw him out in favor of Kerry or Dean, put an end to ruling
class rule? Of course not. But it does offer valuable educational
possibilities which should not be ignored. It is up to us to make sure the
question is not ONLY "did they lie?" but also "WHY did they lie?" However
even the first, simpler question helps to educate people for the future, and
make it less likely that future lies designed, say, to preceed an invasion
of North Korea, or Cuba, or Iran, will be believed. Viewed in this light,
the exposure of these lies today is a very important tool in staying the
hand of the ruling class. What could be wrong with that?

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