goff's page is silly

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Jul 23 08:11:41 MDT 2003

Yeah, "disband the army" and "fuck the army"...is that how we organized
GIs earlier?  Nothing of the old "maximal" demands there.  Call me
old-fashioned, but let's "Bring the Troops Home" so we can all chat
about the future of these institutions.

Anyone really incapable of understanding what it takes for soldiers to
speak out against the government probably can't understand very much at
all about the real political world.

A "politically correct" or "right" line depends entirely on context.
It's not like saying the exactly correct formulation of a slogan that
somehow resonates with something other than the experience and lives of
the people.  Approaching issues this way is social alchemy, a kind of
radical wicca.  How trendy...and useless.

Nothing to do with genuine radicalism, which is about reaching people
where they are and moving them.  It's so easy to be correct in the
abstract, legends in our own minds.  You can't move people without
reaching them and you can't reach them if you don't care to appreciate
where they are.

No discussion of theory should have priority over getting off our asses
and reaching the military.  Right now.

Mark L.

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