Why do they hate us?

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Jul 23 08:37:29 MDT 2003


> Of course, there are many more reasons. But this would be enough. I
> don't know of any Empire which has wallowed so delightfully in its
> own shit.

The Washington Post yesterday ran the story front page with a
photograph of the two sons sitting somewhere smoking big
cigars. somehow the twisted logic struck me particularly: after all,
everyone knows its American fat cat capitalists that sit around and
smoke cigars and make grand decisions about the fate of the planet and
the murder of its working people.

ahhh, i just read the caption to the photo, they are Cuban cigars!!!

click 13 times on the next button here:


the caption reads:

  Quasay (left) and Uday Hussein celebrate their father's reelection
  in May 2001. In April, US troops found evidence of Uday's lifestyle
  in his palace quarters, including boxes of Cuban cigars, cases of
  expensive liquor and fine wines, presription medications and bags of

wonder what the "prescription medications" thing is all about ... is
taht like saying "see, they're only human, they get headaches too"?

les schaffer

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