goff's page is silly

DMS dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 23 05:49:59 MDT 2003

Yes, Goff used to post here.  And nothing I said
was "holier than thou."  You want to post some
letters home from troops in combat?  I got a few
I could give you that might help to clarify the issues.

A mistaken URL was given.  Comments were made on
the content there.  Yoshie corrected the mistake.  My
further comments were addressed to all on the
nature of the "bringthemhomenow" slogan, a slogan
totally devoid of class content, and/or facilitating
the transition from individual frustration/fear to
class consciousness..

Of course nobody addresses that- instead trotting out
the tired, decrepit arguments about "orthodoxy," and next
will be ultra-leftism...

Two or three things about combat:  one of them
is everyday and everynight you ask yourself:  Where am I?
How the fuck did I get here?  What the hell am I doing here?

Then the firefight starts and all you think about is lighting
them up before they light you up-- and when the moment comes
when you get a break, a chance, to realize how scared you really
are, all you do is mouth the infantryman's prayer-- "Dear Lord
just let me get the fuck out of here."

Now the "bring them home now" slogan never answers the first
three questions so it's rather unlikely that it will be the
answer to the infantryman's prayer, as the war in Vietnam proved.

What will happen, as the war in Vietnam proved, is that once
the movement gets large enough based on the particular slogan
without class content, the Democrats will commandeer it, wreck
it, and the result will be the prolongation of the war.

As Nixon proved.


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