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Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Jul 23 09:03:38 MDT 2003


> You want to post some letters home from troops in combat?  I got a
> few I could give you that might help to clarify the issues.

bring 'em on!

> Of course nobody addresses that- instead trotting out the tired,
> decrepit arguments about "orthodoxy," and next will be
> ultra-leftism...

c'mon dms, you know i'm crazy about ya. besides, i've never had the
privilege of being a member of a political sect, so i cant use that
kind of terminology. i thought 'holier than thou' had a damn
down-to-earth ring to it, didn't you?

> Two or three things about combat: one of them is everyday and
> everynight you ask yourself: Where am I?  How the fuck did I get
> here?  What the hell am I doing here?

i ask myself those questions when i am watching coverage of the iraq
war on US TV.

> Now the "bring them home now" slogan never answers the first three
> questions so it's rather unlikely that it will be the answer to the
> infantryman's prayer, as the war in Vietnam proved.

this argument makes some sense to me actually. but i'd rather see you
and Januzzi work WITH Stan to develop slogans than sit here takin
sniper shots at him.

> What will happen, as the war in Vietnam proved, is that once the
> movement gets large enough based on the particular slogan without
> class content, the Democrats will commandeer it, wreck it, and the
> result will be the prolongation of the war.

brother, thats what the Democrats do in life. they get PAID to do that
stuff. paid well. expect it. plan for it. but don't lump Goff with
them folks.

les schafer

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