goff's page is silly

DMS dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 23 06:21:08 MDT 2003


And I love you too.  and I like Stan.  And of course I
am willing to work with him, even in/if an organization
adopts "bringthemhomenow" as its slogan/program.

For the record, I am not CJ.  We have agreed on many
things.  We agree on many things.  I disagree with him
on several things, namely Kucinich and I don't think
the motivations of comrade Goff are an issue. But
I totally support CJ's and RH's view about the inadequacy
of the bringthemnowhome program.

Rhetoric?  As I said Yoshie corrected that mistake re URL--
but let me ask everyone who rose to the defense of comrade
Goff to do what we must do, separate Goff from the rhetoric
at the URL- and tell us do you accept the rhetoric on the
URL, mistaken URL or not, as being adequate, viable,

I inserted "disband the army" (slogan of the surrealists)
and "fuck the army" (slogan of ranks) as attempts at humor-
the real slogan is "Troops Out Now" "Troops Out of

I apologize if I sound a bit strident here-- problems with
visceral response.  I still tremble and want to puke every-
time this comes up.  Suppressed panic is a mindfucker.


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