Why do they hate us?

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 23 09:24:12 MDT 2003

Les wrote: "The Washington Post yesterday ran the story front page with a
photograph of the two sons sitting somewhere smoking big cigars. somehow the
twisted logic struck me particularly: after all,
everyone knows its American fat cat capitalists that sit around and smoke

Another example of this from Knight Ridder in an article headlined "Saddam's
infamous sons": "At his 10,000 square foot mansion in Badghdad, he
commissioned a 10-foot marble-inlaid family portrait to overlook the
entrance. The swimming pool had marble colonnades."

A 10,000 square foot home with a pool barely qualifies as a modest home by
American ruling class standards.

On a related subject, it's interesting to see the tales being passed as
"truth" about Uday and Qusay. Now I have absolutely no idea what the truth
about these two is or was, maybe everything "they" say is true, but I do
know that the vast majority of the tales about them come from Iraq defectors
and ex-patriots like Chalabi, the same folks who brought us that
oh-so-accurate information about WMD, ties to al Qu'ida, etc. So, as with
the lies they tell about Cuba (and any other of their targets), I'll believe
the charges of torture, rape, and murder against Uday and Qusay when I see
actual evidence, not just unsourced charges. Until then, I'll just file them
under "D" for "demonization."

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