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Wed Jul 23 10:18:34 MDT 2003

If you don't want a road to be built just suggest: "This is a silly
idea, the road should go along the river, not along the railroad
track". Two times out of three, you can be sure that no road will be
built at all.

I don't know if Stan's page is "silly", nor would I care to
investigate. I know that it exists, and I guess he is trying to bring
American soldiers back to senses on what is happening in the world

There may have been many times when I disagreed with Stan, as there
have been times on which I agreed with him.

But there is something few people seem to be able to say on this
list, as Stan can:  he _has been there_ and has come out it with a
strong decission to tell everyone _what is it like_ so that it comes
to an end.

He knows how to speak with American soldiers, so that there are more
chances that American soldiers listen to what he has to tell them
than to me or, for that matter, to DMS. That is enough for me. Don't
know if he has done it the best possible way, nor will bother to
research. He is trying to do something about the issue. It won't be
me who proposes to build a different road.

Now, I admit that I would also like to have not one, but dozens of
such silly pages whispering in the ear of American soldiers the
following  sentence: "What about leaving our asses out of this  hell
of a desert where booze is hot, can't have sex but on pay, and
everybody hates us?".

Utterly unMarxist, of course: you won't read it on Marx's, Lenin's or
Trotsky's works --they would always use the grand educated language
required by educated, class-conscious, working class or peasant
soldiers who could have dictated _Capital_ to Marx had he only been
lucky enough to meet them before he wrote it down.

A single step forward is worthy a dozen programs, someone said. And
to the best of my knowledge many on this list should learn of Stan
Goff's steps forward.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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