Why do they hate us?

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 23 11:40:36 MDT 2003

Date sent:      	Wed, 23 Jul 2003 10:37:29 -0400
From:           	Les Schaffer <schaffer at optonline.net>

> wonder what the "prescription medications" thing is all about ... is
> taht like saying "see, they're only human, they get headaches too"?

   Perhaps, it's meant to imply that they weren't at all sane? It
reminds me of when Milosevic had just been kidnapped from the
Yugoslavia and was awaiting "trial" at the hague, how the media --
particularly the NYTimes -- kept on mentioning his "depression"
and his "potential for suicide".

The media never likes to portray their enemies as "sane" or
"rational". Of course, we're suppose to believe that displaying the
capacity to sell out your mother for riches (e.g., Tony Blair) is
typical of the behaviour of normal human beings.

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