James Davis shot dead

John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 23 14:30:24 MDT 2003

Sorry, it was intended to have this headline as to
abandon the silly thread.

Murky. African American Democrat City councilmember
shot dead at City Hall by what the media termed "a
political opponent" and described as a young Latino
wearing blue.

James Davis was a former police officer embarked in a
"peace mission" and founder of the "Love Yourself"NGO
through which he actually derailed protest movements
against police brutality by embarking in "boycott" of
toy guns and so forth andqualifying organizers of
protests as "violent."

Too much for "security measures" uh? The assailant was
able to get a gun into City Hall and kill the guy in
spite strict measures to prevent that with metal
detectors and police guards.

Everything leads to believe the killer was somebody
authorized to carry guns: i.e. a police officer.

A re-run of the murders of Mayor Mosconi and City
Supervisor Harvey Milk in San Francisco. A former cop
and colleague of Milk killed them both years ago.

Recently, a right wing pastor - at the time Supervisor
in SF - asked for an exemption for politicians from
the security measures and metal detectors. He used to
carry a gun himself. The local Sheriff answered him
that the only murders at City Halls around the
country, including SF, were at the hands of
politicians or people exempted from metal detectors
and security measures.

The pastor, Amos Brown, was later defeated in his
re-election bid after we circulated to the media a
photograph of an African mother of a paraplegic son
been evicted by Brown in order to get an address to 
qualify for the ballot line.


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