proofs and faith

Mark Lause MLause at
Wed Jul 23 14:31:31 MDT 2003

After speaking ex cathedra, Pope David now insists that those who don't
accept his knee-jerk "analysis" display the "classic arrogance of
ignorance," unworthy of "those truly concerned with class struggle."

Adults do things differently.  If you make the claim, you have to offer
the evidence to back it up...not assertions, not abuse.  If I thought
that you really believed your assertion that "bringthetroopshome"
doesn't work and didn't work over Vietnam, I'd probably not respond at
all, in the confident assumption that you were barking mad and
potentially dangerous.  Most of us would say it carried the load of a
movement pretty well, and its popularity among the troops were actually
an asset to the antiwar forces.

Instead, you suggest "fuck the army," "disband the army," or some other
mantra.  You don't offer any example of where that worked.  Or why
anyone in their right mind might think it would work.  You just assert
it.  Are there any example where "fuck the army" was a good start at
mobilizing the army?  Hmm. Guess not.  But we should try it because dms
says we should.

Ditto on Sgt. Goff.  You heap abuse that direction and won't engage in a
serious discussion about it. "The issue is not Stan Goff, nor his
motivations," you say. "The issue is the content of a
tactic/strategy/program."  That's about everything.  So we're allowed to
disagree with you if we are willing to chase your wandering thoughts on

It certainly sounds to me like you are waiting for the Holy Ghost to
retire so you can apply for his opening in the Trinity.


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