proofs and faith

DMS dmschanoes at
Wed Jul 23 12:10:44 MDT 2003

In response to Mark Lause's pack of lies let me begin
by telling a story:

Once upon a time in the middle of negotiations involving
some critical cost and operating issues for the railroad
a rather unsavory character so present decided to make wild
unfounded accusations against myself, including that I had
compromised the safety of employees.  He cited a supposed
incident that
took place and even provided the dates, and everybody,
frightened by the passion of the unsavory character sat silently, half-believing the story.  Then I pointed out that
on the dates in question I was in Los Angeles California, attending a professional meeting of railroad officials.

With absolute restraint I lowered my voice, leaned across the
table and called the unsavory character a "motherfucking liar."

Everyone was aghast.  The character got up and left and the VP
of Human Resources was aghast.

"You called him a liar," he said.

"Let's get this straight," I replied, "I called him a 'mother-
fucking liar.'"

You Mr. Lause are just that sort of unsavory dissembler who
deserves the compound modifier ahead of the designation.

1.I did not say that those who disagree with me display
classic arrogance of ignorance.  I said Nestor did because
he stated he hadn't bothered to look at the material in
question and didn't feel he had to.  That is arrogance and
ignorance, and only someone equally arrogant and ignorant
like yourself would try to defend it.

2. Absolutely positively know that "Bring The Troops Home
Now" did not carry the weight.  And I know that the inability
to point to the class content of the war, to not cater to
patriotism (i.e. "What we're doing here isn't worth 1 US
soldier's life,"  So it's OK to use the air force and
drones?) led to the collapse of the movement and the pro-
longation of the war by Nixon, Kissinger at all.

3. I have employed no abuse against Stan Goff.  I have made
no references of a personal nature. No matter how strong
your need to score points with your baby-sitter, C. Pleau,
you are the one employing personal abuse.

4. Don't much care what it sounds like to you.  It's clear
what the sounds are coming from you.  Fuck the Army as many
know was the infantryman's response to Fun Travel Adventure.
Like "be all that you can be--dead" was the response a few
years ago.

5. I offered Troops Out Now, from Everywhere.  That's too
rigid for you?  Too  bad.

6.  In case I didn't make myself clear, you ML, are a
motherfucking liar.


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