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Wed Jul 23 16:15:43 MDT 2003

John Paramo wrote:
> ML:
>>The context in 1914 was, in fact, not the same in
>>all these places.  The
>>course of the war and the socialist movement turned
>>out differently in
>>all of those places.  In places the slogans needed
>>to go much farther.
> While not getting on the main line of the silly
> discussion on silly Goff, I would say that the above
> statement is actually not very helpful.  The socialist
> movement in Europe did not "turned out differently in
> all those places."  In fact, in most those places they
> approved the war budgets and left the real antiwar
> elements like Lenin out in the cold of Switzerland,
> with as many followers as they can fit in one car.
Actually IIRC it was four carriages - the reference is to the number of
carriages needed to carry the delegates to teh Zimmerwald Conference.

These delegates actually represented something more on teh ground - but
it was still a pitiful minority compared to the Second International
before the war.

Einde O'Callaghan

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