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But getting back onto the absolutely relevant discussion of the history of
"Bring the troops Home Now," and its effectiveness in ending the Vietnam

By the beginning of 1971, US troops were effectively disengaged from main
force combat with PRG and NVA forces.  Official US actions were "limited" to
logistical, air, intelligence, artillery support.  Unofficial operations did
not involve main force units, but SOG teams mostly engaged in assasination,
forward listening and observation work, etc. Despite the 1970
Vietnamization, the pace of SEAL/UDT operations was the same as before the

In January 1971, the ARVN undertook Operation Lam Son 719.  US ground forces
were STATUTORILY RESTRICTED from direct combat so they transported ARVN
troops, provide air and artillery support etc.

The air assaults by the US were so intense that almost every available piece
of AA ordinance in North Vietnam was moved south to protect bases at

NVA casualties were horrific.  This was Nixon's program to "Bring the Troops
Home," as by hurling the ARVN and massive firepower at the NVA he was buying
time for Vietnamization, "orderly withdrawal." and peace with honor.

In 1972 all official US ground combat main force units had left Vietnam.
The troops were brought home.  Happy days were here.  Unless you were
Cambodian, or Lao or Vietnamese.  Then US air assaults and artillery and war
materiel was used to grind up every bit of land, every human being anywhere
near an area of combat, and the entire region was the area of combat.  But
the troops were home.

The anti war movement died out.  The war continued until 1975.

And then it started all over again in Central America, Afghanistan, Lebanon,
Palestine, Angola.

But the troops were home.  And if you don't think that was a revolutionary
success, you must be "barking mad."


"Why must I be like that, why must I chase the cat?  It's just the dog in
me."  George Clinton, Atomic Dog.

And we should conclude this topic.


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