proofs and faith

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> It certainly sounds to me like you are waiting for the Holy Ghost to
> retire so you can apply for his opening in the Trinity.
> Solidarity!
> Mark

The holy ghost has retired! (from the catholic church) He has been replaced
by the Holy Spirit.

I empathise with dms on this subject. I can recall 'loosing it' in London's
East End  when discussing "the Troubles" and arguing for the withdrawal of
troops. A cockney lad replied that he agreed and that Thatcher should "bring
our lads home" and let the "paddies sort it out".

I found that (in most cases) British attitudes to "the armed struggle" could
be summed up in the words of an Irish punk bands, Stiff Little Fingers song
"White Noise"

Paddy is a moron
Spud thick Mick
Breeds like a rabbit
Thinks with his prick
Anything floors him
if he can't fight or drink it
Round them up in Ulster
Tow it out and sink it.



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