proofs and faith

Craven, Jim jcraven at
Wed Jul 23 17:37:19 MDT 2003

You've come a little late to the discussion, but allow me to hazard a
speculation-- perhaps it's because my assertions about ML's dissembling are

If in fact I engaged in personal abuse of S. Goff,   and if in fact I
accused all those who disagreed of the arrogance of ignorance then nobody
would have to remove me from this list, I would unsub myself.

But perhaps you might want to consider the alternative,  if I did not engage
in personal abuse of  Stan Goff, and if my remarks about arrogance and
ignorance were specifically pointed to Nestor, perhaps you should ask why ML
is still on the list.

Not that I want to see him or anyone else expelled.  My standards involve
integrity not punishment.


Response Jim C:

To call someone a liar means that not only did someone tell an untruth or
what you believe to be an untruth, but it also means that you know that that
person knew he/she was telling an untruth. This means you "know" Mark's
state of mind and what he said he "knew" was untrue. You "know" all that?

Then there is the use of the term "motherfucker" against someone on this
list. Had you used that term with me in person, one of the two of us would
be on his way to an intensive care unit. It is excessive, unnecessary and
doesn't add one wit to the force of or support for your allegation.

Jim C.

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