proofs and faith

dms dmschanoes at
Wed Jul 23 20:58:23 MDT 2003

I responded off list, because I don't think it's worth the list time, but
perhaps one issue is.

I am well aware of the impact of such a term, and the consequences such
language can produce.  I was "throwing down," for whatever happened next.  I
believe ML's post was a deliberate distortion, and charges of "heaping
abuse," is throw down language also.

The use of profanity in discussion is never really justified unless and
until discussion is ended and the parties want to seek separate redress.

I apologize to anyone other than the intended party offended by the choice
of words, and I should have directed my comments to him offlist.

If LP wants to unsub me, that is his right.

If ML wants to lie about what I've said, that is not.


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