Care to comment on comments re Camejo and Nader?

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at
Wed Jul 23 19:08:24 MDT 2003

A friend of mine (let's say, a friendly acquaintance -- friendship is
hard-earned in these quarters), posted my Swans' article, "Peter
Camejo-Cynthia McKinney: A Green Presidential Ticket?,"
( on a local list in
Humboldt County, North California.

A Democrat who follows that list answered and shot me down (I'm
used to it). Questions are: What do you think of it? How would you
answer that individual? Is there indeed (really) a difference between
the Reps and the Dems?

Thanks, Gilles (here it it comes)

Gilles d'Aymery can live in fantasy land until the storm troupers come
and take all of us away, but don't expect rational people to agree with
his prescription and hand over the next presidential election to Bush
and his fascist minions. If you have any self preservation instincts in
your body you know that Bush must go now, and all of the homeland
security agenda must be rolled back quickly before it is consolidated.
Anyone with basic math skills can see that a strong Green party
showing for President will split the progressive voting block and
assure that George Bush is reelected or reappointed President.  That
is why the Republicans are funding the effort. If Nader runs again, he
may as well be on Bushes payroll.

I will not stand by and suffer fools who would throw away my
freedoms and my environment in order to make a political gesture. Is
such a gesture worth the cost of having our courts packed with more
fascist appointments, and our social and environmental gains all rolled
back. The Governor and Presidential elections carry with them the
power to appoint thousands of boards, commissions and judges.  A
few more years of George Bush could extinguish collective bargaining,
a woman's right to choose, free speech and assembly, environmental
protections, health and safety, basic freedoms and social justice. You
can sprinkle in a few wars to add spice. The treasury has been
handed over to the private sector and the agencies not charged with
repressing the people are being gutted.  I know that the Democrats
have been shameful gutless wonders, but at this point they stand
between us and the concentration camps, or revolution.  Neither is to
my liking.

I attended the Bohemian Grove protest last Sunday.  The Blue
Meanies were there in force video taping  us.  This was a low key
protest that has been going on every year for over twenty years. I
counted over 10 uniformed police and five squad cars. There were
two uniformed police with video cameras panning the crowd in a very
intimidating way. This was a mellow event, consisting of a small crowd
with a history of no violence.  The only plausible reason for these
cameras is the chilling effect they are intended to create upon free
speech. They intended for us to know that we are under police
surveillance for our political views. Under four more years of George
Bush I would expect a knock on my  door and the threat of

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