enough with the goff

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at comcast.net
Wed Jul 23 20:34:25 MDT 2003

funny, i don't see much of what you appear to see.  and wasn't the bulk of
stan goff's active duty on special forces?  i would guess that might
explain the "not your typical grunt" tone.  as for the lack of morality in
his language, i don't know what standard you apparently have, but most of
his writings online, particularly on politically left mailing lists and in
his current "military matters" column for FRSO, seem plenty humanist enough
- for me at least.  and btw, they're (the military) now going deep into the
reserves and even the national guard - from what i know (both personally
and indirectly) many or even most of these didn't sign up primarily for the
killing (although i won't deny that recruiters, advertisements and popular
culture have significant sway in this regard), but for college money, job
skills, etc.


At 07:13 PM 7/23/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>I was in the US military and Goff doesn't speak to me.
>His politics are a blank from what I can see. And his
>military experience sounds too Rambo to make it seem
>like he walks the walk anymore than anyone else does.
>When US service members complain on camera, remember a
>few things. One, chances are they aren't even typical
>grunts, which is how they got on camera in the first
>place. Second, when they complain that they now
>question why they put their precious American lives on
>the line, we need to counter with, Why have you signed
>on to kill people? Do you know you are now one of the
>rank and file that is conducting an illegal campaign?
>For every American who has lost their life, how many
>Iraqis have lost theirs? If you don't even think about
>such things, why is that? I get back to the lack of
>morality in Goff's language. It isn't about
>moralising; it's about hot air. And hot air is a waste
>of energy. American troops out now? Stop killing
>people now!
>C. Jannuzi
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