As Iraqi resistance mounts, US troops demand, `Bring us home!'

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Wed Jul 23 20:39:25 MDT 2003

But let's not read too much significance into a period
of low troop morale among US forces. A couple
examples: low troop morale was affecting the meat
grinder campaigns the Marines were conducting in the
Pacific and made the use of all-out firebombing and
atomic bombs against mostly civilian populations all
the more acceptable to the US government and military.

Troop morale was low in the Korean campaign, and this
too was used to justify US firebombing of N. Korean
populations (with the use of nukes strongly
considered). The Vietnam War happened over such a long
period of time, but as troop morale undoubtedly waxed
and waned and waxed and WANED, WANED, WANED, it simply
gave us the Powell doctrine that no American life was
worth losing, even if it meant dropping 500 tons of
bombs for a platoon-level firefight. Also, it meant,
as one DoD turd put it: "We don't do body counts" (of
the OTHER, who aren't American and therefore less than

The US troops are no more sacred heroes anymore than
they are sacred victims in this much larger class
struggle. The bring them home now campaigns, without
real class-based politics to affect social policy and
government, are just one aspect of US nationalism and
communalism and easily manipulated by the ruling
classes. This campaign will be so manipulated, I'm
sure. Remember that when they start wheeling out the
Iraqi war vets who didn't get their VA check on time.
They'll say people like us spit on them, no doubt.
Everyone will remember a few hundred American star
spangled troopers dead, their heroic mission undercut
by wily politicians and the Jane Fondas of the world.
No one will remember how many people actually died in
Afghanistan and Iraq.

C. Jannuzi


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