Care to comment on comments re Camejo and Nader?

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Wed Jul 23 21:20:44 MDT 2003

Quote one

>>don't expect rational people to agree with
his prescription and hand over the next presidential
election to Bush and
his fascist minions ... Anyone with basic math skills
can see that a strong
Green party showing for President will split the
progressive voting block
and assure that George Bush is reelected or
reappointed President.<<

Tom O'Lincoln's response:

>>Just one comment. This illustrates why we should be
careful with the term "fascist". Here the idea that
the Bush administration is "fascist", which
sounds so radical, ends up pushing us into the arms of
the Democratic Party.

If it was really "fascist", we would not be voting
Democrat or Green, we would be fighting in the streets
or being lined up in the stadium.<<

Not quite. The Bush administration exercises power
around the world, outside US borders, that far exceeds
most fascists or absolute dictators, etc.

What the f- should Bush care about what Dems or Greens
think? Or any Americans for that matter? Americans are
so effectively politically neutralized they can't even
collectively ask for something as non-radical as
national health insurance.

C. Jannuzi


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