David Quarter davidquarter at
Wed Jul 23 22:01:02 MDT 2003

 Quoting Jim Craven:
> I am a Blackfoot Indian and a Marxist. I see enough eurocentric and ignorant
> shit about Indians on some progressive lists to make my blood boil (that is
> when someone gets around to discussing genocide against Indigenous Peoples
> and critical issues of Indigenous Peoples about which most white academics
> and white activists know little or nothing).

 I always amused when a "person of colour" refers to *the* "white"
people, as if to imply that in general europeans  all think alike.

There are NO ignorant "white academics", or "white activists".There
are ignorant academics/activists who happen to be of Italian,
German, Dutch, English, Anglo-saxon, Scottish, Spanish, Basque,
Catalonian, mixed European, etc. origin. I suspect that
foreknowledge of  their "race" does little to explain their ignorance.

  If you quizzed 1000 African-american academics about about
their knowlege of "Indian history", their answers would in all
likelihood be as ignorant as the "white academics" on these
progressive lists you're a party to.  In fact, there are many of so-
called coloured people -- educated or not -- who hold views as
racist and as predujiced abuot "Indians" -- e.g.,  the wrongs
inflicted on "Indians", and why many aboriginal people continue to
be marginalized in North America --  as there are whites. I would
even go so far as to state, based upon turnout at the so-called
progessive events I've had a privilege to attend and on private
discussions I've had with "whites" and "non whites" that the
ignorance of NA aboriginal history is  greater amongst non- whites.


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