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>  Quoting Jim Craven: 
> > 
> > I am a Blackfoot Indian and a Marxist. I see
> enough eurocentric and ignorant
> > shit about Indians on some progressive lists to
> make my blood boil (that is
> > when someone gets around to discussing genocide
> against Indigenous Peoples
> > and critical issues of Indigenous Peoples about
> which most white academics
> > and white activists know little or nothing). 
>  I always amused when a "person of colour" refers to
> *the* "white" 
> people, as if to imply that in general europeans 
> all think alike. 

As a Latino, activist and Marxist, I'm always amazed
at Latino academics and activists who know nothing,
especially when it comes to understand their own
oppression.  Most of them are ignorant Democrats.


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