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>  Quoting Jim Craven:
> > 
> > I am a Blackfoot Indian and a Marxist. I see
> enough eurocentric and ignorant
> > shit about Indians on some progressive lists to
> make my blood boil (that is
> > when someone gets around to discussing genocide
> against Indigenous Peoples
> > and critical issues of Indigenous Peoples about
> which most white academics
> > and white activists know little or nothing).
>  I always amused when a "person of colour" refers to
> *the* "white"
> people, as if to imply that in general europeans 
> all think alike. 

As a Latino, activist and Marxist, I'm always amazed
at Latino academics and activists who know nothing,
especially when it comes to understand their own
oppression.  Most of them are ignorant Democrats.


Response Jim C. Actually this is a good point and is a point well taken. It
is true that we have white activists who know Indian realities very well and
Indians who know nothing about--or help to participate in--genocide and
oppression against Indians. Having said that, I will nonetheless say that
first of all, as a matter of logic, a la the fallacy of composition, to
refer to the FACT that there are white activists who chomp on granola and
show up to demonstrations concerned with--or write about--Palestine, East
Timor, Bosnia etc and yet have not one word to say about the reality of
ongoing genocide against Indigenous Peoples going on right under their
noses, and this is a FACT, does not, as a matter of even formal logic,
indict or give a blanket characterization about ALL whites; this is a
strawperson argument and nothing in my statement says or implies anything
about how ALL whites think; this is this person's lack of understanding of
basic logic, language and syntax.

By the way, I am as much White as Blackfoot and vice versa (my father was
white) if one defines Indianness by blood-quantum which I and most Indians
do not.

Good argument if it applied to what I said explicitly and meant explicitly
and implicitly.

Jim C

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