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Wed Jul 23 22:57:09 MDT 2003

Jim C: 
"...I will nonetheless say that
> first of all, as a matter of logic, a la the fallacy
> of composition, to refer to the FACT that there are
white activists who chomp on granola and
> show up to demonstrations concerned with--or write
> about--Palestine, East Timor, Bosnia etc and yet
have not one word to say about the reality of
> ongoing genocide against Indigenous Peoples going on
> right under their noses, and this is a FACT ..."

Yes. This is also a good point. I would add to
indigenous peoples, African Americans, immigrants, etc
and that is an indicment of the present stage of
social consciousness.

On the other hand, is important that they demonstrate
and write and so on about the oppression of
Palestinians or East Timorese or whatever.  Let's hope
most people sooner rather than later will make the


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