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Donna Stainsby dstainsby at
Thu Jul 24 00:32:24 MDT 2003

There is a related issue that, as a Canadian, I have often wanted to raise.
We Canadians are in the unique position of being close to America, so close
that many Americans refer to us as "just the same as we are", and in many
ways that is true.  We have a thoroughly capitalist power structure, we have
major corporations that rape the resources of third world countries, we have
a poopulation (Hey -- how's that for a typo?  Think I'll leave it in.) which
largely thinks "me first".  But, we are also a semi-colonized,
semi-imperialized property of the US.  As such, we share much blame but also
much anti-US anger.  It has become interesting to me in mainly lurking in
the weeds on this list, to read the posts from the Americans on this list --
certainly the majority of the posters -- to understand that most are
Americans first and leftists second.  Throughout the various arguments,
there are the issues that Americans will deal with, and those that are

Stan Goff first leapt to prominence on this and other lists with his
analysis of  911.  He quite soon edited his analysis. His initial
explanation, based on his military knowledge, that the demolition of the
twin towers could not have occurred in the described way became softened
into an explanation of the "problems" with that official explanation.
Neither his original paper, nor the softened version has been really
commented on on this list.  It seems far easier for an American to simply
refer to it as conspiracy theory -- or dismiss it as "Mulder" talk.  While
there were strong arguements on this list about the validity of the US
attacking Iraq, excellent exposes of invalid conclusions based on inadequate
or inaccurate intelligence -- wonderful use of that word, intelligence --
there really have not been questions about the "incident" that began it all.
Probably such a discussion has been deemed to be unproductive -- and
probably it would be.  Such discussions, however, *have* occurred on lists
with primarily non-American members.

Americans now are largely concerned with the 2004 election.  Do you *really*
believe that whichever party is in power can or will make a difference?  Do
you really think that George Bush is the controller?  That little man could
not possibly have made any of the decisions we leftists -- Americans and
non-Americans alike -- deride.  The entire congress followed his lead
because no-one would/could look seriously at what happened on September 11.
Why, when we know they lie to us about everything else, would any of us
believe they haven't lied to us about that too?

Why do we on this list spend time, effort and band-width discussing what
slogan to use?  Perhaps my reaction is because I've been away from my
computer for 5 days -- and arrived home to read over 300 postings on
Marxmail, most, it seemed, discussing whether Stan Goff's putative choice of
slogans was a good one.  Is it just because I'm not American that I'm
reacting this way?  One of these days I will put together a real examination
of the way this America-centred attitude affects those of us close to you.
This is a very superficial start on such an attempt.

Re-reading this, I realize I will offend.  This is not meant as a slam.  One
should probably never write --or at least post -- so soon after reading a
deluge of posts in one go.  Apologies in advance -- and a better explication
to follow.


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