Re- Enough Goff

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Thu Jul 24 01:22:56 MDT 2003

Donna writes:

>>certainly the majority of the posters... are Americans first and leftists
second...there are the issues that Americans will deal with, and those that
are ignored.<<

I dunno if I'm well or badly placed to respond to this, given my two
passports. I started off as an American, but I've lived in Australia since
the end of 1971. Last visited the States in 1991. So I'm really an
Australian, and down here many people also complain of being "a
semi-colonized, semi-imperialized property of the US."

I don't share that view: imperialism is about the oppression and
exploitation of underdeveloped countries, and to put Canada and Australia
in that category is really a bit of an insult to the Iraqis or the
Nicaraguans, don't you think?

But to return to the starting point. The Americans on the list have their
blind spots no doubt, but I've found them open to detailed arguments about
what goes on way down here in Australia; and some of them show a remarkable
understanding of other equally far corners of the world. This is especially
true when it comes to Latin America. But look at the digging Lou Proyect
did to educate himself before his trip to Istanbul; and I remember him
posting material on the origins of Indonesia and defending the
"anti-American" trend in the British peace movement.

I'd appeal to you to step back and look at the list again. This has to be
the best world-wide Marxist discussion list going. And where does it come
from? America.

The Yanks aren't so bad. :-)

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