Kofi Annan calls for rapid end to military occupation of Iraq

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Thu Jul 24 03:43:39 MDT 2003

Kofi Annan calls for rapid end to military occupation of Iraq

NEW YORK.- Kofi Annan, secretary general of the United Nations, has called
for a rapid end to the military occupation of Iraq, DPA reports.

At the beginning of a debate initiated on July 22 in the UN Security
Council, Annan stated that the right of the Iraqi people to decide their own
future must be respected.

For its part, France supported the rapid reestablishment of Iraqi
sovereignty and affirmed that it is incumbent on the international community
to help the Iraqis to once more become the owners of their destiny and
resources, PL cites.

During the Security Council debate, Jean-Marie de la Sablière, French
ambassador to the UN, also reiterated his government's position that the
solution to the crisis in the Arab country has to be a political rather than
a military one.

"The Iraqis need a visible and credible political horizon to restore their
hope and to mobilize in a constructive way to achieve the transition," he

Whole story: http://www.granma.cu/ingles/2003/julio/mier23/29kofi-i.html

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