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Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 06:15:43 MDT 2003

>>Xenon, writes:
actually, that's my real name.  my father is a chemist
with an eccentric personality, and the name "sort of"
sounded like my chinese name.<<

Oh, who am I to question your authenticity? I must
say, it is one of the most unlikely names I've ever
heard, regardless of the Chinese factor.

>>you seem to be implying that goff is self-serving
and devoid of morals.  at
least that's the vibe i'm getting...<<

Am I implying or are you inferring? My major point,
which never gets recited in these discussions, is that
Americans are going to have to get beyond their own
in-born American firsterism--it's communal, it's
nationalistic, and ultimately it serves our

>>i myself am skeptical about how he could have gone
on for twenty years like
that, perhaps committing all sorts of atrocities as so
many imperial
soldiers do, but then again, cognitive dissonance is a
strange thing...<<

Apparently he had a fall-out with the service once he
married  a Haitian woman. I'm always suspect of
service members who 'rebelled' against Clinton after
how many years of Repugs telling them what to do. I
had a relative who did this, only in the officer
ranks. It made the news!

>>he was a regular on this list until recently when he
unsubscr1bed due to
the overwhelming amount of email and work on his
hands.  also, see below...<<

He was a regular 'automatic delete' on my e-mail so
perhaps I just failed to make the connection.

>>from my readings of his work, our esteemed comrade
goff has actually
addressed most of what you are raising.<<

A totally sophomoric move--please cite something to
sound more convincing.

>>  and rumsfeld is a kook.  he and wolfowitz believed
that the occupation of iraq would take only a couple
tens of thousands of troops at most, that the
supposedly high-tech "shock and awe" campaign would
scare the entire iraqi society into submission and
the populace would shower the troops with roses and
confetti, etc
etc.  read for yourself stan's columns at
(DISCLOSURE: i am not a member
of FRSO but i am personal friends and comrades with a
few members.)<<

Well Rummy and Wolfie have had less than half a year
to do their nasty work. Don't underestimate them.

As for the link, NO THANKS. His stuff clearly belongs
among the other crap at counterpunch, the articles of
which are most informative in their titles but deliver
mostly nothing in the content--with a few exceptions.




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