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Thu Jul 24 07:18:59 MDT 2003

Sinn Fein has launched its new website at the old address

I finally can deliver on a number of promises made as a few of the policy
papers I have been talking about are available there - for anyone's
interest. Over the next year or two the party will develop a more
comprehensive policy portfolio. At this stage, however, I would recommend
the party's policies on PFI/PPP, Education and the Environment as these are
the newest and are the first in a wave of policy papers the party is
producing. The others (probably another six-ten or so) will be added over
the next two years.

The website also carries a decent news service for anyone wanting to keep up
to date with developments in Irish politics. The Gerry Adams interview and
the Alex Maskey speech are quite interesting and there's free access to the
income-generating Irish Republican Media site for the week with a video clip
of Brit occupational troops for those not having seen enough of them.

I really don't think I'm being biased when I say that the website is one of
the best on the internet. Whatever your views on Irish Republicanism are, I
think it would be well worth a visit.

Finally, the Irish Republican paper, An Phoblacht, has apparently
successfully broken its old mould (as simply being an instrument carrying
the party line) with a now 6 week old debate on Republican strategy being
continued in this week's paper. At present, this is not available at the
APRN website (it will go on-line Saturday); however, those who have been
following this thread might find the following contribution by Eoin O'Broin
of interest. I think that what is being discussed here is of importance in
many other places in the world and the whole debate has dealt with the
dogmatism of many on the left who are more concerned with ideological purity
than actually communicating to people and advancing the struggle for state

For me the issue of strategies for obtaining state power is where left-wing
discussions should be starting and ending right now. Of course, there are
educational issues, but I would love to see something similar emerging on
marxmail with the collective talent that is at hand.

For the latest on that debate see:

Is mise

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