Surely relevant in the gleeful press scrum over Saddam's sons?

paul illich paul_illich at
Thu Jul 24 07:28:40 MDT 2003

The prohibitions on treachery (Hague:
and perfidy (Geneva: apply somewhat: "According to
M. Greenspan, op. cit., p. 317, this rule prohibits assassination,
recruitment of hired killers, placing a price on the head of an adversary,
or the offer of a reward for his capture "dead or alive"; proscription and
outlawry of an enemy, treacherous request of quarter, and the treacherous
simulation of death, wound or sickness, or pretended surrender, for the
purpose of putting the enemy off his guard and then attacking him."

The Geneva Declaration on Terrorism lists assassination as state terror:

"assassinations, assassination attempts, and plots directed by a state
towards the officials of other states, or national liberation movements,
whether carried out by military strike, special forces units or covert
operations by "intelligence forces" or their third party agents (e.g., the
CIA against Nicaraguan politicians, the Qadhafi family, Yasir Arafat);"

(also "disinformation campaigns by a state, whether intended to destabilize
another state or to build public support for economic, political or military
force or intimidation directed against another state" and "the abrogation of
civil rights, civil liberties, constitutional protections and the rule of
law under the pretext of alleged counter-terrorism")

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