Bring the Troops Home Now/Support the Troops

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Thu Jul 24 07:29:23 MDT 2003

Lause writes:

>>To return to the main point--these are "our" troops.
 I know people over there, I hope that the Americans
on this list share not a sense of
responsibility both for their being there and for
their well-being.  I have been discussing the region
with people in the military for many years now, and
have surely learned as much from their concerns as
from mine. Everyone who joins the military has a mix
of motives.  Almost nobody joins for the violence.
Obviously, recruitment ads offering them water skiing
doesn't explain it either.<<

Now you sound like Xenon. Your summary of the
discussion is inadequate, but many is the time I've
failed to communicate to the likes of you. In fact, at
least most likely, the more you have to write on a
thread, the less you reach people, since people don't
have a lot of time nowadays to pay attention to

But you still have not got over it: one American life
is worth no more than one Iraqi life, yet many more
Iraqis are dying as we write. The Iraqi people are as
much 'ours' as are the troops, and our troops are
there wrongfully helping to conduct an unjust and
unlawful war and occupation.

Saying you support the troops doesn't mean jack shit.



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