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Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Thu Jul 24 07:48:17 MDT 2003

An excerpt from the latest email from the Camejo campaign, which may shed
light on earlier discussions on this list. I'll refrain from commenting

The Field Poll of July 16, 2003 placed Peter in fourth place for Likely
Voters at 8%. Among all registered voters the poll found Peter at 11%. Even
in the lower Likely Voters category, he has climbed to first place in four
categories. They are:

Independents (people not registered Dems or Reps. They represent 21% of
voters. Peter received 18% in the poll)
Liberals (22% in the poll)
Bay Area (24% in the poll)
Not following recall closely (15% in the poll)

Obviously these figures are high for Peter in part because no Democrat is in
the race.

If no Democrat enters, who will these undecided and waiting-for-a-Democrat
votes go to?  These two categories add up to 33% in the poll of likely
voters. If Peter could win 2/3 of these voters as the only alternative
against the Democrats, he could win.


Since the campaign began Peter has said that he would like to see if an
independent candidate with a high profile could be found who would bring
about a progressive victory in the recall. The goal would be to find a
candidate that Greens feel stands behind key issues we can support such as
IRV, living wage, fair taxes, renewable energy etc.

There have been some private discussions that did not appear to be going
anywhere until Arianna Huffington indicated she is interested in the race.
Camejo and Huffington will be meeting soon to discuss working together.
Camejo has stated publicly that any major decisions will be done in harmony
with the elected Green Party leadership.

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