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Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Thu Jul 24 08:29:47 MDT 2003


>>But that's not what the NLF and the North Vietnamese
government said. They said repeatedly that the antiwar
demonstrations were very important to their struggle.
When I was interviewed by the BBC, I had no time to
get into this but one of the big differences between
Vietnam and Iraq is the utter failure of the Ba'athist
Party/Movement, both before the war and now, to build
ties with progressive forces in the west. More to the
point, this is a government that had very little sense
of public relations of any sort. The Minister of
Information was proof of that.The Serbs were not much
better, for that matter.<<

Well first, just how effective was the government of
Vietnam able to build ties with 'progressive forces'
in the West? Is there a way to shore up that
assertion?Their economic isolation after the war seems
to indicate something far different. Their isolation
when China attacked them seems to as well. As does the
total lack of support they got from anyone in the West
when they intervened in Cambodia.

The Serbs had to deal with a civil war that was
largely set off by imperialist interference in
Yugoslav affairs, including some straight from old
enemies--Germany and Austria interfering to get
Slovenia to break away first, and it was not a
peaceful rebellion that they equipped and trained--not
to mention an Al Qaeda task force sent by the US and
Saudi Arabia.

And with Iraq we have a situation that is completely
not comparable. There is no government in Iraq--not an
isolated government with squabbling allies (such as
Vietnam and the Soviet Union and China), not a former
federal government with a civil war on its hands
(Yugoslavia). Iraq is a country whose government was
decapitated, and the decapitation started over a
decade ago. Even before the US decapitation of them,
the other Baath country, Syria, was backing Iran in
the conflict with Iraq, even as the Syrian government
betrayed the PLO. Syria also took part in the first US
war against Iraq. I'd say SH and the Baathists had
more than PR problems.

As for the fantasy scenario on the Mall, let's call
that Forrest Gump the Sequel. My, my , life on
Marxmail is like a box of chocolates: you never know
which little bon bon is going to make you gag.



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