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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Jul 24 08:40:44 MDT 2003

Charles Jannuzi wrote:
> Well first, just how effective was the government of
> Vietnam able to build ties with 'progressive forces'
> in the West? Is there a way to shore up that
> assertion?

Certainly. Delegations from the USA went to Hanoi on a regular basis and
were given the red-carpet treatment. Dave Dellinger, who was a major
figure in the antiwar coalitions, ofen held press conferences with
Vietnamese leaders. Generally speaking, these ties were consummated with
New Left figures and periodicals rather than with my wing of the
movement, which was cursed by Staliniphobia.

> Their economic isolation after the war seems
> to indicate something far different. Their isolation
> when China attacked them seems to as well. As does the
> total lack of support they got from anyone in the West
> when they intervened in Cambodia.

All this is true. When the USA pulled out of Vietnam, there was very
little momentum left for solidarity-type activities. However, it is
unlikely that mass protests could have ever been spurred by such issues.

> As for the fantasy scenario on the Mall, let's call
> that Forrest Gump the Sequel. My, my , life on
> Marxmail is like a box of chocolates: you never know
> which little bon bon is going to make you gag.

Why do you think that this is such a fantasy? The wives of GIs and GIs
themselves in Iraq are demanding that they be brought home *now*. They
are giving their names to the press. NOTHING like that was happening in
Vietnam until very late in the war.


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