Bring the Troops Home Now/Support the Troops

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Thu Jul 24 08:54:15 MDT 2003


>>Certainly. Delegations from the USA went to Hanoi on
a regular basis and
were given the red-carpet treatment.<<

Ah, no, the assertion you had to back up was that
somehow this would help us to understand why Iraq got
bombed and the government wiped out. The Iraqi
government hosted people who were far less committed
to peace than say Jane Fonda--Sean Penn for example.
Even given all the isolation of Iraq and the ongoing
warfare against it, plenty from the West did visit it,
and to the consternation of the US government, they
came back and documented in manifold detail what the
sanctions were doing to the people of Iraq.

>>All this is true. When the USA pulled out of
Vietnam, there was very little momentum left for
solidarity-type activities. However, it is
unlikely that mass protests could have ever been
spurred by such issues.<<

Which just goes to show their emptiness--which is why
we had this discussion in the first place.

>>Why do you think that this is such a fantasy? The
wives of GIs and GIs themselves in Iraq are demanding
that they be brought home *now*. They are giving their
names to the press. NOTHING like that was happening in

Vietnam until very late in the war.<<

Well a year ago people on this and other lists were
telling me, hey, the Bush weenie won't dare attack
Iraq because it will be a fight to the bitter end,
that madman Saddam Hussein will use WMD, and none of
the US's European or ME allies (except Israel) wanted
to see the war happen. I said the campaign would start
late autumn or early spring, have no doubt.

But your scene of military men leading the march
across the mall strikes this realist as just a bit too
fanciful. I think, as I said before, you are mistaking
a period of low morale among front line bomb droppers
for something other than what it really is. I think
that this collapse in morale has not yet been
quantitatively verified. My own statistics seem to
indicate that so far the number of US service people
who have died in Iraq since the 'end of hostilities'
is not much higher than the mayhem that goes on at US
military bases and during training. So I doubt very
seriously if most of the people in the military are
under more danger of being killed in Iraq than you or
I of being killed in an automobile accident this year.




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