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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Jul 24 10:27:34 MDT 2003

DMS wrote:
> 5. You refer to the anti-war movement as a form of united
> front-- but a united front is a specific class-based
> organization, it is a front with other parties based on the
> class basis of those parties, with differing programs for
> the demands of that specific class.  I would think a united
> front would include the welcoming of socialist politics
> into the anti-war movement.  No form of a real united front
> required the class-based organizations so united to
> refrain from introducing "socialist politics" either in the
> marching or the striking.

"Socialist politics" in the USA is unfortunately the politics of cults
and sects. The entire organized socialist movement consists of perhaps
10,000 people out of a population of 280 million. It is characterized by
dogmatism and ultraleftism. It is in fact an obstacle to the creation of
a genuine socialist movement. It is actually a blessing that groups like
the SWP and the Spartacist League ignore the antiwar movement and that
those groups who do actively build the movement--like the CPUSA, the
WWP, the CofC and the ISO--do not try to interject their socialist ideas
into the movement. If they did, the first thing that would happen is
open warfare about whose analysis was more faithful to the teachings of
Marx and Engels. If there is one thing that the movement of today has
learned from the Vietnam antiwar movement, it is the need to maintain a
coalition on the basis of a simple, clear and principled demand.

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