Troops Home Now

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Jul 24 13:09:55 MDT 2003

I think Stan Goff is doing a terrific job.

I really don't have time to get into this thread at the moment
but I want to go on record here as stating unequivocably
that the movement to Bring the Troops Home Now
is or should be an excellent heuristic opportunity
for consciousness raising for creative socialists.
At every opportunity we should insert
inscisive observations and succinct analyses:
Why are the troops there???
Who sent them?
The lies --> the opportunism --> war profiteering --> the military
industrial complex
--> logic of capitalism --> imperialism.
Is there any antidote to senseless war and bloodletting AND terrorism?
Can't we share the planet?
Where is humanity?
Who can act?
What are the forces of change?
What class of people can mobilize those forces necessary for change?
What are the classes?
How are they different?
What class represents the majority of humanity, hence IS humanity?
How can we make the best for the most?

The movement can only come from inside the USA.
You know why.
Just read the Pentagon Papers to see whether an
antiwar movement puts any pressue on the US Government.


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