Bring the Troops Home Now/Support the Troops

Mark Lause MLause at
Thu Jul 24 13:40:34 MDT 2003

Dms writes, "I think the history of BTTHN in Vietnam shows how little
impact it has on the ending of war, except to give more breathing room
to those intent on waging war by other means, through proxy forces."
That seems to wrap it up in a nutshell.

You've been repeatedly asked for examples of how or where this took
place--a rather minimal requirement for a materialist.  Instead, you
just repeat your assertion, and expect that the list should swallow it
on your say-so.  Of course, you can't cite one single U.S. officeholders
who found this slogan gave them "breathing room," because it they had
tried to use it as such, they'd have chocked on it.

As I understand it, you argue that we should call upon the US, the UK
and some undefined others to get out of everywhere.  I assume that we
don't want to exempt lesser imperialist powers who would, in the absence
of more powerful nations, become world imperialist powers--so our list
would surely have to include Israel, right?  Iran?  Peru?  In practical
terms, we'd need to footnote our banner, but it might be easier for dms
to tell us who he does not want to get out of everywhere.


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