Bring the Troops Home Now/Support the Troops

DMS dmschanoes at
Thu Jul 24 10:54:54 MDT 2003


You have repeatedly asked that question, nobody else
that I can recall has repeatedly asked that
because I posted the answer to that question
yesterday, giving a brief overview
of continued US military-supported operations after
ground troops had been restricted from combat and
later withdrawn.

For your edification, in 1971 US ground troops were
restricted from combat operations in VN by Congress.
In 1972 the all US main force ground forces had been
brought home.  SOG's remained in the field.  US supplied
and assisted combat operations continued in Vietnam,
Cambodia and Laos.  I do not have the exact figurers
on artillery round, bomb tonnage expended with me, but
I can get them later and I assure you these numbers are

The Paris Peace Accords were signed in 1973. To
ease the Thieu govt.'s pain, massive arms shipments were
made to SVN.

US supplied combat operations did not end until the
routing of the ARVN and the takeover of the then Saigon
until 1975-- 3 years after the troops had been brought home.

During that three years, the anti-war movement effectively
ceased to exist.


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