Bring the Troops Home Now/Support the Troops

Mark Lause MLause at
Thu Jul 24 14:58:45 MDT 2003

Your reply implied much (that BTTHN permitted a wind down of the war
that did not bring the troops home now), but was essentially
nonresponsive to the question of how the movement's slogan aided the
ruling class.  Which part of the U.S. ruling class found "breathing
room" in the slogan "bring the troops home now"?  (I don't even begin to
understand how you could think that U.S. military statistics on
artillery rounds expended would answer this question.)  But, then again,
I hardly had high expectations of your answer.

As to the other point, I requested that you clarify the merits of your
proposed slogan, which I understand to be: "Everybody get out of
everywhere" with the footnote "Exceptions forthcoming."  Now, do you
want to announce the exceptions--who you don't want to get out of
everywhere--or maybe clarify the merits of this slogan?

To summarize...we're trying to evaluate the relative merits of two
slogans.  On the one hand, you suggest that we abandon "Bring the Troops
Home Now"--which we used over Vietnam and in the recent war--for reasons
that it leaves the U.S. ruling class "breathing room" in some way you've
not specified.  On the other, you propose what you say will be a more
radical and accurate slogan, albeit one you've not really clarified,
defined, or defended yet.


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