Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at comcast.net
Thu Jul 24 15:32:04 MDT 2003

At 04:59 PM 7/24/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Alas, we can't assume any such thing.  This is a good work.  I think
>Marx's writings on "True Communism" were very good as well.
>Mark L.

i am only 23, have been interested in "radical" politics on and off for at
most 6 years, and only in the past year have i been more actively embracing
marxism.  i still make the assumption about being younger and less
well-versed in marxism because i almost always am.  that will change as the
years pass, of course.  regardless, you'd think that those on this list
whom are writing so arrogantly, dismissively and [over-]confidently against
coalition building would know better.


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