Bring the Troops Home Now/Support the Troops

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Jul 24 15:36:49 MDT 2003

Lou wrote:

>"Socialist politics" in the USA is unfortunately the politics of cults and
>sects. The entire organized socialist movement consists of perhaps 10,000
>people out of a population of 280 million. It is characterized by
>dogmatism and ultraleftism. It is in fact an obstacle to the creation of a
>genuine socialist movement. It is actually a blessing that groups like the
>SWP and the Spartacist League ignore the antiwar movement and that those
>groups who do actively build the movement--like the CPUSA, the WWP, the
>CofC and the ISO--do not try to interject their socialist ideas into the
>movement. If they did, the first thing that would happen is open warfare
>about whose analysis was more faithful to the teachings of Marx and
>Engels. If there is one thing that the movement of today has learned from
>the Vietnam antiwar movement, it is the need to maintain a coalition on
>the basis of a simple, clear and principled demand.
  Why, did it take us all so long to learn this?  Really it is just
glaringly true.  Ah well.


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